The website is finally open

First of all, I’m celebrating my “first” post on this blog, AND I’M PROUD OF IT! <3

Welcome on my website !!

Starting now this website will be a central place for my stuff, it will be updated with my creations as I go along.
I would also to update this blog with all kinds of things, mainly related to 3D, I would also like to do some exclusive content for this site, such as work in progress, special renders, 3D model to download, or tutorials/tips on 3D and texturing (if I find the motivation to do :p)

It will also be the one and only place to access the content of Patreon supporter(only Patreon support at the moment), I will explain more about this later in this post.

At first, concerning all the work I’ve done before, I’m not sure I’ll publish it on the site directly, the posts on the blog are published in chronological order, so it would require to publish them in order, before I could publish anything else and therefore would require too much work in time.

But, the good news is that you can find all this on a secondary place (, which is a simple photo gallery, which will serve me for two main things, I would also publish all my future works in their original and lossless quality, the second reason is directly related to the first one, the resolution, for practical reasons to make it sharable and to make the website accessible to everyone, I will publish here the images in lower resolutions, which will already be generated in my gallery.

Kathleen hide her secret part :p

Concerning the login via Patreon, it’s currently the easiest way to create special content, without having to publish anything on the platform, or maybe just sfw news or link to this website, and thus avoid any potential future risk with the platform (we never know). Secondly, it allows me to have total and simplified control over what I publish.

I don’t think I’ll keep this system forever, but for now it will do the job.
I would have preferred to go through other platforms, or even be able to accept all platforms for everyone, on the same level, in order to centralize all this on the site. But I should be able to modify and could normally create an account for you and give access manually if necessary.

Beware, it’s not a paywall, it doesn’t unlock uncensored content, or whatever, NEVER. But rather an active participation system, or even early access (something like a few days) to some content. See what will happen and how it will evolve ^^

But not to forget the main message to be conveyed here, is quite simply the opening of the site to the public, it will be in constant evolution.
I would like to do more and I hope above all to be able to make this site an integral part of my art and to be able to convey my messages and my expression through it.
You also have the links and can find my creations in my gallery easily.

If you have any questions, either now or later, don’t hesitate, the comment section is there, available, you don’t even need to have an account !

In any case, thank you for reading this post, I hope you will enjoy the site and that you will enjoy spending some time there from time to time. Happy reading/viewing to come.

Des bisous <3

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